How A Break From Social Media Changed My Life?

I was sitting on the bed scrolling through the phone screen. I can’t happen to remember the date but there’s a blurred memory of the IPL track ‘Ye dus saal aapke naam’ being played on the television screen. So it must have been the first week of April 2017. I had just completed my MBA and there was still a month and a half to go for the joining of my first job. Mom came over to my room and asked me to clean up the shelf and have the irrelevant stuff kept aside. Still scrolling through the screen, I assured her it’d be done by the next hour.

After what appeared to me a few minutes, I decided to keep the phone aside to get the shelf cleaned. I scooped out the entire stuff from the shelf with a plan to keep it back in an organized manner. While stacking the papers together, I noticed that the clock had just struck 4. I turned towards Mom in order to ask her if she remembers the time she came into my room.

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